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10 Key Areas of Life


This is something or someone above yourself. This is a place to go when you have doubts. It guides your inner voice.

Health and Wellness

Your body is your greatest asset and needs to be treated as such. Living a healthy lifestyle will help you feel more energized, lower your risk of numerous diseases and help lengthen your life span.

Loving Relationship

Loving relationships come in many forms. These people include but are not limited to relatives, coworkers, church family and people that you have chosen to have in your life. The goal of loving relationships is to have long term and meaningful relationships


Who doesn’t love money ? Money is not everything however, it lets us have choices. What you make is only part of it, but make, but how you handle it. I have many clients that make 50k per year that are happy, own their own home, have savings and enjoy regular vacations. I have other clients that make 500k per year and are broke all the time. Remember, money has three phases, earn it, respect it and make it work for you.


Personal transformation is about learning. It starts at birth. And if all goes well in the last until your last breath, I have friends that are 100 years old and still loving to learn new things.


Our legacy goes far beyond our time here on earth. And professional fulfillment can leave a legacy, so can a lot of personal things. This is not just about a paycheck.


Home is more than just a house that you live in. It is a place to go that is to be safe and enjoyable. Like the saying goes “Home is where the heart is”.

Personal Time

We all need to have some “me” time. Time that you do your hobbies or just take a walk in the park. Maybe a long shower or bubble bath is more your style?

Community Contribution

Being actively involved in your local community helps to make it a better place to live.

Fun And Recreation

Life is meant to be fun! To be enjoyed! We all need to take time away and as the saying goes “smell the roses”. We all need to have hobbies and things we like to do during recreation time.

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